Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★½

India is a scary place. That was one of my initial thoughts. I'll be honest too. I never enjoyed this film very much when I was younger. It felt so much darker and less adventurous than the classic first film.

I was wrong though. This is darker. The adventure isn't the same. But this is still a very entertaining film from almost start to finish. It's different but that's what helps make this work more than anything.

Even though it is darker. It never feels too dark; because it is still able to capture the spirit of this character and balance these darker moments with many lighter parts too.

If anything bothered me most of all; it was Willie. She was a frustration in this. I love Short Round though, and it's too bad that he never appeared again, as it makes me wonder what happened to him.

Besides my frustrations with Willie; the only other problems that kept bothering me were the very out dated visuals. There's several scenes that just don't look good, like at all.

It's impressive though; that this film is able to take place in a handful of select locations unlike the first film, but it's still able to feel like a relentlessly enjoyable large scale adventure with Indiana Jones.

It's very difficult to beat any film with peak Harrison Ford. This isn't among his absolute best. But it's fun, and it's much better than I remembered upon seeing it when I was quite young.

The villains are genuinely creepy; the score will never not give me goosebumps; it's not amazing but it's a worthy and enjoyable sequel to the beloved original and iconic film. Ford crushes as Indy again.

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