Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★½

Embrace the mayhem. There has been an attempt. Ever since new life was breathed into this. Just to make something deep and thought provoking: when all we have ever wanted is giant monsters clashing.

Even though all the films before this have had most of that; it was filled with far too much excruciatingly boring and uninteresting human drama. Only for it to get to a point where you fell asleep before the fights began.

Adam Wingard understood the assignment. It felt from almost the second it began that newer and fresher life was breathed into this; with one of the most unexpectedly entertaining blockbusters of this year.

It is not a perfect film. There are many glaring issues. Millie Bobby Brown is not up to the standard to be the star that Hollywood wants her to be. But there is still enough here to have you excited for what's next too.

I'll be honest too; I had no interest in this. This franchise felt near death. With the release of the Godzilla sequel a couple years ago. It bored me to tears; that I could not imagine them doing much different with sequels.

Especially with Wingard. Don't get me wrong; he is very talented. It will be stupid to ignore Death Note though. The film that left a sour taste in the mouths of almost anyone that saw it. But that is definitely not this.

This will still not be for everyone. Not once is it boring though; from the incredible action set pieces; whether it be in the ocean or surrounded by neon lighting. Everything was lit so beautifully well to help the scenes.

With that all being said; I do hope there is still life left in these films. Sometimes they might put you to sleep. But other times they will have you fist pumping the air. This will have you more excited than you admit.

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