Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Journey to Asteroid City

Live life fantastically. It is my birthday. There might not be much better than revisiting this classic.Five years have passed since my only viewing. But in all that time there has been a radiating warmth from this so much.

My thoughts have been shared on this before awhile ago. Let me try do my best to not repeat myself too much on here. Some things are worth all the repeated mentions such as the coziness that oozes from all over.

When you pick a movie for a birthday. It can be pretty difficult. Because it is one of those special days. One thing to take away is feeling very comfy and no one provides that feeling much better than from a Wes Anderson.

This is cheating. I have to admit. If you've been paying attention. I have been slowly watching through all the films from Wes. But this is not the one I am up to. So I did skip one ahead just to experience it again today.

It's a wonderfully delightful film. There are not many complaints. And my mind could easily change but this still might be the best film from all of Wes' career. Something so visually stunning and gripping about this one.

So many have done stop motion. But it is not easy. And always looks a bit different to each other. And that is okay. But the best might be what Wes has done a couple times now. Combining his style with this is just perfect.

If there was anything that still hurts this for me. It is a few of the voices. Completely understand the familiar talent working with him again. But it feels jarring having such recognisable names in animation. It feels weird.

Loved that this was a relentless adaptation. Never afraid to take this story into rather dark places. Not a film for all the young kids even if most could come away loving Mr Fox and his family. Genuinely creepy in few scenes.

It has been forever. I cannot remember if I've read the Roahl Dahl novel of the same name. So you won't find me comparing the two because it may be a little unfair; but as for this alone. There is still so much to praise a lot.

Not to mention that this is hilarious. So many more laugh out loud parts than my memory could recall. It is so sharply written and it helps with the delivery of the lines. Recognisable names might annoy but they are good.

Soundtrack is phenomenal. It has to be up there among Wes' best. It does so much in creating this world; and livens up all the moments with all our colourful range of characters. And for his first time in animation. It's wild.

There were times in this that had me wishing we could body swap with all or any of these animals. Life just seems so much more care free. Not only that but the way that they made them more relatable than most humans.

With that all being the case there could be hours spent discussing this. From the deliciously stunning visuals to an intensely fast paced premise. It takes time when it needs to but you'll still feel the special charm always.

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