Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

Death is the only stop. That sounds cheesy, but so is this film. One that has been making the rounds in promotion for some time now; with the most absurd ensembles all year. Expectations were higher than normal.

Not once was this expected to be a masterpiece. It is an insane thought. But with the talent featured: there was little to no reason that it could not be one of, if not even the best and most entertaining action film this year.

David Leitch has been on a roll. Maybe even more so since branching away from the John Wick series. Just exploring solo directing. So far he is doing pretty well; and this only leaves viewers with hope for what's next.

Trains always feel like the safe haven. Never sure what it is. But when you have a film that mostly takes place on one. It automatically becomes a comfort film; even if it involves the undead or assassins fighting a lot.

What helps is that the action is great. Not that there were much doubts. Every single one almost has a unique flavour and energy; that makes them all stand on their own; and not feel like a boring repeat fashion.

Everyone is entertaining in this. Even as someone that has never been a huge Brad Pitt fan. It is hard to not feel the fun that he was having; oozing off him and the rest of the cast; contagiously energetic fun.

Part of that is slightly hurt by the fact that not all of the enjoyment lands. Mostly with some of the jokes. Some will leave you with a smile; but others won't make you feel anything. Except one thing is for certain:

Just hearing Aaron Taylor-Johnson with the funny British accent made up for so many of the jokes that fell flat; especially when he stole the show and had such remarkably strong chemistry with everyone else on screen.

Majority of this film is very enjoyable; although it is dragged out slightly too long. It is hard to stay awake during the third act. But from sharply directed action to wonderful chemistry to wild cameos. This is a ride.

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