A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★

Souls are for the hungry. Unless you don't eat them. But that is okay. Freddy will do it for you as his nightmare never ends. Because of money or teenagers. Or probably both. It's hard to blame him anymore.

There is always that one moment. Several films into a franchise. It can be almost anything. Even if you may enjoy it. It is typical that you might know what to expect: and that is the case here but not at all either.

Renny Harlin takes over directing; with a shameless attempt. It is a film that is everything you would anticipate; but similar to the last; it tries to do the unexpected and keep evolving this series into uncharted lands.

But this feels like a missed opportunity. Something we might never know. It takes unbelievable steps at times; before being followed with something much safer than what most would be excited to see.

It is one of the most fascinating entries. Although it stomps on the story to a degree. It is still able to deliver on continuing the story from the first three films; without branching off entirely from past events.

Even with the flaws: there is not enough to ruin the experience. This is not a great film. It feels even worse as a follow up to Dream Warriors. But if you view this a stand-alone slasher. This is so stupidly fun.

Someone check on Robert Englund. It has been decades. But the man becomes Freddy more and more as the films continue. Even without Wes Craven's presence: Englund does enough to never stop slaying.

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