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  • The Northman

    The Northman


    If David Lynch ever wanted to make a Conan movie, it would be The Northman

    Last night, the power went out in the movie theater not once but twice. We got to watch scenes multiple times and had a lot of time to think about the film while they were getting everything fixed. And you could hear the rumblings of what people thought of the film. From masterpiece to absolutely ridiculous. It was a wild experience. 

    I’m coming in with a…

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    The Platinum Dunes remake looks better with each passing film. What even was this??

    I need a ton of convincing to believe that this is the same Leatherface or even the same universe as the original film. I know a lot of people were comparing this to Halloween 2018 but this is missing all the components that make that film work. It goes beyond just including “legacy” characters but paying enough respect to the past while still trying to tell…

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  • Niagara



    Who knew film noir could look so beautiful in color! Niagara is helped with some amazing on location filming and some just all around terrific cinematography. The perfect backdrop for a murder mystery. 

    Marilyn Monroe is really good here as the original LOOMIS, the femme fatale role and responsible for orchestrating her husband’s death. Had she been around during the genre’s hay day she would’ve slayed all the roles like she does here. I’ve never seen Jean Peters in a film…

  • The French Connection

    The French Connection


    I am willing to make the argument that only one director has had a better 3 film run than William Friedkin and that would be Francis Ford Coppola. In the span of 6 years he made The French Connection, The Exorcist, and his magnum opus, Sorcerer. Furious, raw filmmaking that defines the 1970s on screen. 

    Popeye Doyle is a turning point in cinema. Having a protagonist who is not a very good guy is the polar opposite of what James…

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  • Martha Marcy May Marlene

    Martha Marcy May Marlene


    Once Elizabeth Olsen is done with her tenure as Wanda Maximoff, I really hope she gets back to independent films like this one. It’s a shame that most people only know her from the Marvel Cinematic Universe  when she has range to pull off so many different roles. I forgot how good she was in Martha Marcy May Marlene

    The film centers around Martha, as she escapes from an abusive cult, reunites with her sister who gives her a place…

  • X



    I’ve been hearing this film be called a psycho-biddy horror film. This is the first time I’ve heard of that term but I can totally see it. Films like this and The Visit depict the elderly as nightmarish monsters. Maybe a statement on the generational gap between Boomers and Gen X, it nevertheless made for an interesting backdrop to a “retro” horror film. 

    Ti West is the king of the slow burn horror film but this one almost took too…