Scream ★★

What a missed opportunity.

For a film that manages to have one of the best openings I’ve seen in a long time, it just goes down hill from there. The films opening manages to perfectly set up the playful yet scary tone there trying to set. Then kills it.

The rest of the film is just “gee look at us, we’re self aware, aren’t we clever?” over and over again.

Just because one realizes there film is a mess and lets the audience know their aware the films a mess, does not excuse the fact that the film is still indeed a mess.

There’s definitely some glimmers of potential like the beginning or the rules of horror scene, but the film never really succeeds in being funny or scary it just walks down a thin line in the middle.

I can kind of see why fans of the genre are entertained by it but at the same time it just name drops the three biggest franchises over and over again. Halloween, Nightmare on elms street and the exorcist are by far the most famous franchises in the genre. 

I’m not a huge fan of the genre but you think they would be a little more creative and mention lesser known gems for big fans of the genre but instead they just name drop the three biggest franchises over and over again. It just gets old.

I appreciate what they were trying to do here but in the end it just coasts on all the same tropes and stereo types of all the movies it’s poking fun at. It even uses the score of Halloween on multiple occasions, for a couple of “scares.”

Well there is some fun to be found it just feels like a big fat waste of potential.

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