Time to Duel

Time to Duel ★★★

In Junior year of high school me and friend went out in the middle of the field during lunch with the whole school watching and pulled out to duel disks, proceeding to play a game of Yu-Gi-Oh to cheers and laughter. It was stupid, we knew it was silly, everyone was in on the joke, but it's one of those scenarios that is constantly living in my head. This movie reminded me a lot of that, and the guy who plays Joey reminds me a lot of that friend.

Almost indescribable. 45 minutes adapting like 3 different storylines from the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! with nothing more than a handful of ones, some makeshift duel disks, and a dream. Don't really recommend this to anyone except maybe hardcore fans of the original series here, but there was something special here. This internal need to create, to build something, and the influences being worn on your sleeve as well as just stated loudly and proudly. Nothing in this is well crafted, but the intention is intact and the journey is one of fun brashness. I kind of loved it. I kind of hated it. Truly special.

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