Nobody ★★★★

Year: 2021 Ranked

The dad rock of action movies, in the best of ways. It's so stupid and rolls with it's stupidity really well, has great action sequences that are shot beautifully, and it's pacing is flawless. Honestly the only big issue I have with the film is how shallow the villains and antagonists are and how little time was spent with the brother and the father.

Odenkirk is an actor I have always heard good things about, but I myself am still pretty new to his works. However he was ridiculously fun to watch in this movie, and his monologues are top notch. Really looking forward to exploring more of his catalogue now.

All the action was really fun, but the car chase with Heartbreaker right before the climax of the movie? Masterpiece right there. Plus it reminded me how FUCKING GOOD that song is. Anyway Nobody is an awesome film and super fun to watch.

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