Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice ★★★★★

ok ok listen i just. LOVE this film so much i love this story i love the book i hadn't seen the film in so long and i pestered my mom to watch it and ugh. god i love it i love it
i should have written these down while It happened but lol but anyway here, some moments that i really like
- the first time darcy sees lizzy, when he sees her and goes back when she catches his eye
- when bingley is dancing with jane and he's so enthralled by her that he nearly messes up the dance and follows her
- when lizzy goes "i'm quite fond of walking" and darcy's breathy "yes, yes i know"
- THAT SCENE. the rain is pouring and they're soaking and they're looking so intensely at each other and the way darcy looks at her and there's so much desire in his eyes even after the words they'd just spat at each other
- when lizzy meets georgiana and georgiana talks about darcy saying lizzy plays the piano well and he smiles so naturally and they're both so!!! in love!!! with each other!!
- in the end when darcy says "you must know. surely you must know it was all for you" he pulls at the corner of his mouth to curl his lips into a small smile

i'd die for this film

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