The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Thank you Robert and Max Eggers for this masterpiece. The Lighthouse is the type of movie that blows your mind unexpectedly. Beautifully shot in 35mm black and white with an aspect ratio of 1.19:1, which is very unusual in our times but is perfect for the intention of this film and the story. The Lighthouse portrays the effects of guilt and isolation, and the progression of insanity that comes along. Dreams, sex, authority, sexism, death and gore are all present in the Lighthouse. The way they use lighting to represent the darkness of these themes is simply amazing, a sense of cinematography harmony in a chaotic world balance the film a way that is very pleasant to watch. As the movie progresses, and the main character's sanity is getting lost, that sense of harmonic cinematography gets lost with it, presenting distorted images and over exposure, and it just works perfectly. Besides the visual elements, the acting is a 10/10 from both sides from my POV. The character creation, the intensity of each character's intention, portray on their body . movements, posture, gestures and voice is greatly constructed. Loved this movie, I've seen it a couple of days ago, and still thinking about it!