Zodiac ★★★★½

Zodiac is a crime mystery that doesn't end. Even though it's about a group of characters trying to figure out the identity of the infamous Zodiac Killer, it's not really the movies main goal. The main goal is examining the people investigating rather than the killer himself and seeing what drives them to pursue this case, even when it destroys them. Robert Graysmith is driven by this pure desire to solve the puzzle and get some kind of conclusion for his own self hubris, even though he has no driving factor to, meanwhile somebody like Inspector Dave Toschi who's job it was to find him is driven by the desire to end this years long case that's revealed the cracks in the pedantics and bureaucracy of the police system. Meanwhile, Paul Avery begins cooperatively working in tandem with the police, before becoming more involved to serve his own ego, which eventually causes him to spiral.

It's the cycle of these three men having to prove to themselves that they can solve the mystery. They have a burning desire to crack the clues, pour over every single detail, and it doesn't seem to be largely driven by a desire to stop the Zodiac Killer, although that's a factor. The real prize is the knowing, knowing the unknowable, finding definitive proof that their hunches and their research will lead to something, anything. Their desperation to find something leads to them jumping to wild conclusions, throwing their lives away in madness, losing almost everything in the process. In a world where there's always doubt and coincidences and assumptions that may or may not hold up as hard evidence, it's hard to definitively say 

And that's why there was such an allure about The Zodiac killer. The mystery drove people to remember it, it was the playing of the media to sensationalise and create fear. It provided the scraps of a mystery that the media then ate up, and perpetuated as a narrative, which is then what hooks people like Robert to try crack it. 
It's just part of the story. Was the Zodiac Killer hiding some kind of cryptic clues that everybody missed? Is there an even bigger mystery at play? Does he have accomplices? Does he have a specific motive or is he just crazy? Was he a mastermind or was he just playing into theatrics? The movie answers none of these. We never get concrete answers or the satisfaction of knowing definitively who he was. Robert only thinks he knows, he truly believes he's cracked it, but there's no way to find out. It's unsolved, it may never be solved, but Robert is satisfied with that because all he wanted was was the satisfaction of feeling like he knew, like he solved what nobody else could.

And of course Fincher injects his usual precise, sharply paced and rhythmic dialogue to make this the most thrilling shit, though nothing majorly thrilling happens. Fincher has such an energy that he gives to movies mostly about people talking in rooms.

The CGI he uses all over the place can feel totally seamless (except a couple overhead CG shots of the city), the cinematography and editing are wonderful, for a 2hr 30min movie that spans multiple years, it feels remarkably fast paced.

Anyways, I don't have much more to add. Zodiac is incredible, it's amazing. 

I'm going to be forever self conscious of the amount of hair on my knuckles tho and wether or not I have more or less than Jake Gyllenhaal.

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