Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

Guys I think I now qualify as a "film bro". I've ticked of all the major film bro movies (except for the fact that I don't like Pulp Fiction that much). I now must complete the film bro prophecy and get a Fight Club poster and shout at people in comments for disagreeing with me.

It's so funny to me how Fight Club is characterised as this cornerstone of the "film bro" stereotype, this weird categorisation of straight white dudes who just REALLY love a certain type of movies. It's pretty vague term and not a particularly flattering term, cause it's often tied to the kind of people who'll get really angry and riled up when you don't like a movie they do. So it's kinda weird that one of the most stereotypical film bro classics is one where it's entirely deconstructing masculinity and anger.

It's a film directly about toxic masculinity, about the manly desire to resolve sadness and insecurity with violence and anger. Going to therapy and crying are seen as a sign of weakness in the eyes of this warped view of masculinity. What starts as a form of therapy through extreme macho violence becomes an army of disillusioned men who hate the world and want to burn it all down and they become totally subservient to their leader. It's men taking out their anger at life, at the world, at themselves in cathartic and dangerous ways simply for the thrill of it all.

Honestly there's so many ways to look at this movie. Toxic masculinity, extremism, our view of death, self-image, consumerism. It's clear why it's stayed so highly acclaimed and discussed over 20 years on. Fincher's direction is as always incredibly sharp and intricate. Fincher really excels at making scenes of two characters just talking really interesting, and what better two actors to have than Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, who work so well together on screen.

And the twist is obviously insane. Would've been more insane if the internet listened to the first rule of Fight Club and not talked about the end of Fight Club, but it's still such an effective twist that even when I knew it was coming, it still entirely reframed how I viewed the movie before that point.

It's just really good, but I think most people already knew that, so I'm not really adding much more to that.

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