The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★

"You know how naïve you sound... senators and presidents don't have men killed."

"Oh -- who's being naïve, Kay?"

Well I guess it's confirmed that this movie predicted Jefferey Epstein.

Have absolutely nothing constructive left to add that hasn't already been rightfully said by everybody else at this point, it's The Godfather - yes it's still incredible. Brando gives the second greatest performance cinema has ever seen in this emotionally rich, lived-in, unstoppable portrait of a vaguely incomprehensible mob boss who is both insatiably bound to and undone by tradition - acting of this caliber is topped only by, you guessed it... James Franco in Spring Breakers! This isn't really all that secretly deep or anything either - it's just really good at what it does. Does the seemingly unachievable task of making a bunch of mob guys sitting around discussing business so fucking riveting. Pacino sits firmly in one of the quintessential starmaking performances, not a single less than exemplary performance can even be found here. The front half of the last hour is rather sloppy, jumping around uncomfortably between times - but remains nonetheless mesmerizing and spotlessly written. And how about that location cinematography? A sprawling, hypnotic dirge - you could write a novel about how amazing this is, and I'm sure people already have.

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