Evil Dead II

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This review may contain spoilers.



•If you don’t know, this movie was basically made over ownership dispute rights to the original movie, so the first 15/20 mins are basically a remake and then it finally spills into its new reimagining. One of my favorites, ENJOY!
•Ain’t no way I’m driving across this rickety ass bridge. 
•The face Bruce Campbell makes when hes playing the piano. Hilarious. 
•Is there really a girl in the world who would consider a seeing eye glass necklace a wonderful gift?
•The evil winding through the woods is just as affective now then it is ever was. 
•I love how the house is shaped like a skull lol. So sick.  
•Dammit Ash, I told you that bridge was rickety as fuck...
•I love how he just busts through the damn door himself lol.
•Mega sick when he pops out of the puddle as evil Ash. Still love this moment.
•continues aug 7 2019. 
•That 360 shot is so badass. 
•Tell me Bruce campbell is not one of the most underrated physical comedians ever lol. 
•Ash smashing his face into the board. Never gets old lol. 
•”workshed” lol
•”chainsaw” (insert a random chalk outline of a chainsaw in case it’s missing and you don’t know where it is lol. 
•”You....... BASTARDS!!!!” Hahaha, classic.
•He starts smashing those plates over his head haha. 
•He sits down a stack of books and the top is titled “A Farewll to Arms” after he just cut his hand off lol. Touché Sam Raimi, touché. 
•When he bounces with the lamp lol. This whole bit is so very goofy but also a oddly accurate depictation of someone falling into insanity. Love this bit. 
•Why does Ed Getley look so much like Will Forte?
•Ted Raimi as Henrietta is so so sick lol. 
•I love how they pull ash out of the cellar by his head/face lol.
•this mother fucker just got throw up in to the ceiling, smashing a light bull with his head. Ouch!