Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★½

(2021 ranking)

Certainly my favourite of the trilogy, 1666 takes a more unique turn whilst tying things up rather nicely. But they should’ve really drove home the origins of the Shadyside curse rather than divert back to the shitty 90s segment halfway through. 

I really liked the first half of this though. The atmosphere in the 1666 setting really felt bleak and menacing, something which has been really lacking in the other two instalments. This section had the best cinematography and the best score too. 

But where it falters (again) is in the 90s segment. It just went from feeling fresh and original (only Robert Eggers’ The Witch felt a little similar), to redirecting back to being as stale and formulaic as can be. 

This trilogy really felt like Riverdale dressed up as a horror and it really wasn’t a bit of me.

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