Roma ★★★★★

"-Peeking at the hill's panties."
"-Hills don't have panties."

You know what, this film wasn't even on my radar to watch until I checked out my friend @LeesahSea review. Note, this woman don't give out 5 stars easily. She's very critical about films, and I like that a lot about her. When she gives a 5 star to any film, I automatically know, it's worthy, and worth my time.

Folks, Roma is a damn Masterpiece. Alfonso Cuaron has a brilliant mind for directing and he deserves all the praises for it. Yes, there are some scenes that had flaws but you would just be nitpicking in my opinion. I wholeheartedly think this is a beautiful piece of filmmaking.

this film made me want to do something that I haven't done in years, and that's watch the Oscars.

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