• Knock at the Cabin

    Knock at the Cabin


    I ended up enjoying this more than I thought I would.

    Shyamalan does a great job at building tension and creating a sense of ambiguity to nearly every part of this movie.

    Even with the more darker elements that are present Shyamalan still adds an air of empathy to the story, something which I think he’s always done a great job with.

    I’m very interested in checking out The Cabin at the End of the World now.

  • The Menu

    The Menu


    I had gotten recommendations to check this film out for months, and I decided to finally give it a watch.

    As a fan of deadpan and darkly humorous works, this movie was right up my alley. Really loved the performances and the writing here!

    The message regarding making something out of love, rather than spite  really struck a chord with me as well. I think it’s something that will speak to a lot of people, artists especially.

    I also love…

  • The Hangover Part III

    The Hangover Part III


    A tonally inconsistent and mean-spirited mess in every way.

  • Pulse



    A haunting and eerily prescient examination on loneliness and how technology only exacerbates the feeling of isolation.

    The horror elements are fairly low-key here, but the film’s mostly grounded tone honestly makes everything presented a whole lot scarier.

  • Cure



    I’m very happy I gave this film another chance! I remember not really thinking much of it when I first watched it, but it was still a film I wanted to revisit, if only because many images had been ingrained in my head since my first watch.

    This time around I was completely engrossed from start to finish, really paying attention to not only the technical elements, but also the major themes which help drive the film forward.

    Kurosawa is…

  • The Hangover Part II

    The Hangover Part II


    While not necessarily bad, it just doesn’t have a lot going for it unfortunately, especially since it doesn’t do anything fresh with the formula that was established in the first film.

    I did find this to be better shot than the first film though.

  • The Hangover

    The Hangover


    I totally understand the impact this film has had, but I personally found it to be alright if anything. Zach Galifianakis is the best part of this film though.

  • Kung Fu Hustle

    Kung Fu Hustle


    I’ve been itching to watch some martial arts movies recently, so I decided to check this movie out. It’s a fun, energetic and incredibly zany story that only gets better and better as it goes on. The over the top nature of the film never really detracts from the experience, and really does a great job at establishing what it’s trying to achieve early on.

    For every fight scene I was always wondering if a following fight would manage to top it, but each following fight manages to outdo the previous one in really inventive and exciting ways.

  • Dual




    Dual is undeniably kind of a mixed bag for me. I appreciate the style and the deadpan humour, but I also feel like there are a few missed opportunities that would have really helped make this film shine.

    Given the divisive nature of the ending I can see some people being a bit turned off by this, though personally I felt the ending worked and brought the film full circle thematically.

  • Tenet



    “Does your head hurt yet?”

    An oftentimes convoluted and exposition-heavy experience that still manages to have a satisfying payoff by its conclusion.

    I will admit that there’s a lot about this movie I didn’t quite understand, but I’ve had a lot of fun simply just trying to decipher different parts of its story and some of the concepts that play a role in it.

    Needs a rewatch from me.

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Doesn’t quite reach the same heights of its predecessor but it’s still a very tense and harrowing film that does do a great job at keeping you on the edge.

    To me this film does retread very familiar ground, and I wish that with this being a sequel it would find a way to do something that further explores its concept in a unique manner. But will all that being said, I do think it manages to do some entertaining…

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    I started playing Resident Evil 2 Remake, so it was only appropriate to watch Paul W.S. Anderson’s… Monster Hunter. 

    Wait, you’re telling me he made Resident Evil movies as well? Now I definitely have to check those out!