The Kid

The Kid ★★★½

Everyone's a Critic 52 Week Challenge Week 16: A Silent Film.

"A picture with a smile- and perhaps a tear."

My first ever Charlie Chaplin film, and indeed I was smiling the whole time. The man did everything: the direction, writing, producing, the music, and acting. One of the most important figures in film history, I'm glad this challenge gave me a reason to start his filmography and my silent era.

Music, action and body language is all Charlie needed to tell a compelling story. The running and fighting scenes were both hilarious and brilliant. Along with that, it's easy to connect to Chaplin's character Tramp, as he cares for someone else while struggling himself.

The ending takes the viewer on a wild unexpected trip followed by a bit of rushed conclusion, but still a good one.

Funny tidbit: Tramp's apartment number is 69, a joke I wasn't expecting for a 1921 film, but I guess some humour lives forever.

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