Another Round

Another Round ★★★½

As someone who doesn't really drink, I wasn't really intrigued by the "experiment" and the subject matter. It certainly provides a unique way to look at the effects of alcohol and alcoholism, but the end results are mostly the same.

Easily the best part of the film is Mads Mikkelsen, struggling between a loss of interest in his job and wife and the intoxicating allure of alcohol. Mads and his 3 buddies begin to love the feeling of daily drinking; believing it's inspiring confidence in themselves. So they start drinking more. And as such the repercussions begin. The experiment was already uncomfortable for me, and it only got worse.

It all culminates to an ending that without context would be funny to see, but with context is haunting in it's framing of alcohol consumption; reminding me why I don't like drinking.

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