Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool ★★★★

12:30 pm

I got excited for Possessor and Crimes of the Future and was disappointed in both. It’s because of that I was excited for this movie, but cautiously excited. I was starting to think that maybe the Cronenberg family wasn’t for me. Thankfully I really really enjoyed this.

I enjoyed this so much more than I expected. Two hours went by fast for me. The film has a really awesome style. The story was super entertaining. Mia Goth is great once again and so is everyone else. There’s not much for me to say because my high rating mostly comes from pure enjoyment.

What I really want to talk about is a meme that Neon made to market the film. It showed a part from the bus scene. When I got halfway through the film I remembered that clip I saw and connected it to later in the film and guessed what was going to happen. This meme spoiled a big reveal in the movie for me. Fuck you Neon social media department.

Anyways, I liked this movie a lot. Just a straight up well made and incredibly enjoyable movie. Really really liked it.

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