The Grey Zone

The Grey Zone ★★★★★

The fact that this is a movie I had never heard of and you probably haven't either is a travesty. It is easily one of the best Holocaust films I have ever seen. I am definitely going to be recommending this alongside Defiance and Jojo Rabbit.
The accents might throw you initially, Germans speak English with a German accent while Jewish characters speak unaccented English. But once you fall into this movie's rhythm it was not let up until the story is done.
It is unsentimental and casually horrific to witness and the final minutes of the movie will punch your teeth in. Whether you're Jewish and you seek out these movies as pieces of art about your own history, or a gentile who is trying to better understand Jewish trauma, you should watch this movie yesterday.
Right now it is free on Tubi and it will be heinously interrupted by ads periodically but watch it anyway

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