Zodiac ★★★★

If you need your films to have an ending that makes it easy for closure then avoid this one! This is based on a true story and if you look up the case you will see as of now it is still an unsolved case so it makes sense that the film is left open too!
The story is a very interesting one though. These murders took place in the late sixties so criminal technology and techniques was not as advanced as today so policing was a lot different. As was the journalism side which this film covers as the Zodiac used so much media they often intertwined with the police!
The cast was brilliant and each gave a strong performance that made investing in to their characters quite easy as they battled this story from different angles, and each having varying difficulties with themselves and family life, whilst putting so much of their energies into catching a serial killer!
Well worth a watch and although over 2 and a half hours long it doesn't actually feel that long as there is enough happening to not realise the time.

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