Spencer ★★★★★

I watched this a few weeks ago but I can't remember the date so here it is going. I loved it so much I couldn't really put into words how much as my emotions were not in a place for writing. I fell in love with how moving it was! It was like it was happening to someone I knew personally.
Let's be honest Kristen Stewart is this film, I don't think it would have worked with anyone but her! She nailed every aspect, her mannerisms were like Diana was there. Many times you actually forgot she was playing another person. She was truly amazing! She has to win awards for this performance!! As should the film actually.
It is quite an emotional journey, and you feel how awful Diana must have felt around that time! Knowing your marriage is over, that there is no love for you yet you are supposed to carry on for appearances sake and a duty? What a lonely journey she must have had. I think living through that time and loving Diana as I did but as a youngster, to see it portrayed again as an adult definitely makes you look at how her life was and what an amazing woman she was to get through that. The admiration is only enhanced by watching this.
The one mighty draw this film has is it isn't about the Royal family, or her duties it is more about her, the human being who wants love just like anyone else but has faults too that only endears you to her more!
Also a wonderful soundtrack, huge plaudits to Jonny Greenwood who captured all the emotions beautifully.
This film was just wonderful in it's own right but I think I had more attachment to it because my late mother adored Diana. So many memories I have of her and a love she had, her delight when she watched the engagement announcement, their wedding was an absolute joy to her and it showed, in that moment she believed in the fairytale too! The birth of her kids was like she knew them personally she was that happy! The awful night when she woke me to say Diana had died, she was an emotional person, probably where I got it from but she was heartbroken and I'm not sure to this day if it was because her heroine had died or a piece of her that believed in magic had died too!
As I sat and cried watching this film, I was sad she hadn't been here to see it, couldn't give her opinion on it, though I know she would have loved it anyway but I was also happy that the memories had made it feel like she was there for me in that moment, she was next to me in that cinema thats how it felt, and what a comfort that was. And that is the power of movies, can invoke all manner of emotions and memories that they never intended when they started and never find out about but in a way you hope they sometimes read reviews that come from peoples hearts rather than fierce critics who don't have the same emotional journey that we did along the way!!

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