Shame ★★★★

As much as I love all the fantasy action and time travel films sometimes you have to watch a film that is so basic in it’s concept but so real life!
No we don’t all have addictions but we all know that feeling of wanting or needing something so much that we forget the reality of our life and what is going on around us. We forget those that really need us for a small amount of gratification that never sustains itself! 
Brandon played terrifically well by Michael Fassbender was an ordinary man on the face of it but as this film went on you realised he was just an empty shell with no capability to have anything meaningful with either his sister or any potential partner! 
It was a sad tale, Brandon was a sex addict and that was no different to any other addiction, it’s an all consuming habit that pushes the limits of both the person and anyone in their path! 
This was superbly handled as it was so mundane in its approach but the consequences of Brandon’s life and decisions were so heartbreaking, that in the end it all was worth nothing and that is the harsh reality for so many addicts. 
This won’t get you on the edge of your seat but it will make you think not only about yourself and your decisions, but those around you, they may all seem quite ordinary too...

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