Blade Runner ★★★★

Now I may have given this a 5 star if I hadn't watched the sequel first.
This was very interesting, and a fascinating watch and I did enjoy it but I found it a bit slower than the new one, which to be fair isn't a bad thing. You do get to see how the story first played out and that was truly wonderful to see.
The fights were a bit too much for me at times though. Seeing someone have their eyeballs gouged out wasn't really my thing but it can happen in these movies and I tolerate it more than enjoy it!
Harrison Ford in his prime was made for these types of movies though and he really excels in this! The whole cat and mouse chase with Rutger Harry was enthralling.
A very intriguing watch and if you are thinking of watching Blade Runner 2049 i would recommend watching this one first!!

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