Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby

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This review may contain spoilers.

I would NOT have forgiven that shitty slut-shaming nonsense that Maya pulled what the fuck
Look guys I'm really tired of people telling me to watch something queer and then the characters are horrible or the writing isn't great or whatever. Just because it's queer and no one dies doesn't mean it's good. For the most part this was good, but Maya calling the person she's interested in a whore and then being redeemed with pretty much no change? And the mother still being kind of biphobic? The only difference is she didn't push Maya away when they were picking up glass? Why'd you have to ruin a movie like that? It examines and recreates anxiety and pressure so well and then I'm distracted by these BIG issues and can't go back to appreciating it.
Also describing Dianna Agron as possibly the most beautiful woman on earth is very fair.

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