Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★½

Speak No Evil was one of the movies I was really waiting to watch this year because it sounded like my thing and you wonder what's gonna happen there.

A foreign couple spend a few vacation days with some other couple of strangers.
So you can guess this is going to go wrong. There and probably in real life.

It's like if Creep and The Invitation had a baby. But the difference is that these films are far more entertaining.
There is no frustration, anxiety, or this kind of tension where you press your jaws and fell like you're there trying to get out.

The idea sounds actually good and it seems the director tried hard to make something good but somehow if you give me the last 20 minutes to have all the "action" it doesn't work for me. Even with this "unhappy ending" that was more than predictable.

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