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  • Cherry


    Not a good film. Strong visuals here and there and a decent score to set the mood with a capable actor like Tom Holland to deliver on some crucial scenes (and I did buy his acting sometimes) but all that for me to feel feelings that I don’t know why I’m feeling feelings for. The movie is way too reliant on score to gauge emotion out of me for scenes that seem so idle. certain aesthetic features s cool in…

  • Cruella



    very surprised by how much i liked this. the costumes are obviously immaculate and the visuals were cool. the film itself is pretty cheesy and the VFX was laughable but i see it as part of this movie’s charm, it’s really basic but so well done.

    my only issues with this is that while Emma Stone is a great Cruella, i can’t really say she gave a consistently good performance. a lot of jarring accent slips here and there. oh…