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  • Adaptation.



    Valerie: “Boy, I’d love to find a portal into your brain.”
    Kaufman: “Trust me, it’s no fun.”
    There’s as much here to enjoy as there is to admire.
    As smart as it is clever. 
    As fun as it is funny. 
    As innovative as it is insightful. 
    This film is just so fucking great and holds up beautifully all these years later….and so it shall remain. The mind-blown emoji was invented to describe this script.🤯 Nobody out there doing it like Kaufman. Nobody. 

    PS: this features Meryl at her peak powers, as far as I’m concerned, and is easily one of her best performances.

  • The Hurt Locker

    The Hurt Locker


    successful as both a character study and as a high-anxiety war thriller, The Hurt Locker is quite the accomplishment. Not necessarily to my personal tastes, but a really fascinating look at the reasons why a soldier would continue to push the limits, continue to place themselves in harm’s way, continue to choose combat over civilian life. I loved that aspect of the film, but am just not a fan of war-centric action, in general. 

    Also, surprised to say it, but Jeremy Renner fully deserved that Oscar nom. Top notch work from home, truly. Couldn’t have played that character any better.

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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    "Man takes a drink. A drink takes the drink. And then the drink takes a man"

    Welcome back to The Overlook hotel where men go mad, nightmares are real and tortured souls are trapped forever and ever and ever.  Tonight? Murder is on the menu. I don't know about you, but I couldn't wait to walk through those haunted halls again--the hypnotically iconic honeycomb pattern carpeting each corridor--disorienting & stretching endlessly into the unknown, the cavernous grandeur of the Colorado Lounge--where the clacking typewriter keys & metronomical…

  • Joker


    I am flabbergasted that Joker is the movie that's been the focus of such intense, and seemingly endless, discourse over the past x number of months. that movie? really? REALLY. It's so blah & infuriatingly mediocre that I've already forgotten it & I *just* finished it. why can't we argue over something more fun & interesting next time? There was just nothing here worthy of discussion. It's not complex. It's not smart. It's not insightful. It wasn't even able to keep my attention…