Mike Wood

LISTS, for the good of all Kree.
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Favorite films

  • Uninvited
  • Aspen Extreme
  • Baby Ghost
  • Superdome

Recent activity

  • The Fabelmans

  • Cremaster 5

  • Cremaster 4

  • Cremaster 2

Recent reviews

  • Skinamarink


    This really made me want to edit a few jump-scares into Michael Snow’s “Wavelength”.

  • Enter Car World

    Enter Car World


    Powerful and provocative. Why do the worms want to have sex with William Banks? Should we want to have sex with him too? These are just some of the many questions posed by "Enter Car World" -- and I, for one, continue to search for the answers, onscreen and off.

Popular reviews

  • Time Runner

    Time Runner


    It's October 6, 2022. TODAY IS THE DAY from which Mark Hamill bravely travelled back in time to prevent the dystopian future portrayed here, which thankfully now only exists on analog recordings from that alternate timeline. Thank you for your service, Mark Hamill!!! Everyone, please celebrate this glorious day as I currently am, by rewatching this cautionary historical record from the NEILA-verse. #neverforget

  • JUNG_E



    “Dad, what’s a JUNG_E?”
    “Well, it’s not quite a Carl Jung, and it’s not quite a WALL-E, but MANNNNNNN heh heh heh! …So to answer your question, I don’t know.”