Interstellar ★★

Includes some spoilers (if that is possible with this film)

I could never figure out time and relativity and anything that isn't just linear, so when the characters were on a planet where every hour spent there was worth a decade in time back home my head was spinning a little.

As the film went on, though, it clicked. I understood it for the first time. Thanks Nolan. It felt like 8 hours but actually took 4 hours to watch the 2h40 minute film. I get it now.

The first half hour was good, interesting and there was a bit of story. Even the introduction of NASA was interesting. The film was losing me a little bit but I was still captivated... until the Love will Keep us Together business delivered by Anne Hathaway. That speech, oh my God, I laughed so loud. Why don't we forget all about what little science there is in the film and make it about all-powerful love and how strong it is, and how it is a dimension of its own or some other silliness. Oh, and all of this delivered by an astronaut in full gear when deciding on the next mission. Seriously? I mean seriously?

Unfortunately, not too long after that Matt Damon showed up and then it got really stupid. At that point I fully realized what I always knew but had never really zeroed in on until now. Nolan doesn't know how to tell a story. He doesn't know how to exclude anything, he zigzags his way through different plots that aren't required. It is almost like everything he throws at the idea board sticks and he has to fit it in somehow. I don't remember if his previous films were as bad but this one was just non-stop new spin after another, just like their aircraft trying to hook on to the mothership after Matt Damon got blown to bits.

And that score! Goodness. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to achieve this, but the score was like a Spielberg movie AND a Babs movie all rolled into one. Oh the melodrama.

It's too bad. Cut out a good half-dozen silly plot lines, get rid of all the feel-good scenes, scrap the score and the Damon character (and the son with the farm while you are at it) and there might be a decent 90 minute film in there somewhere. And I don't even want to think about the last few minutes of the film. I'm trying desperately to erase those memories.

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