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  • Closer


  • Footloose

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  • Closer



    This movie had me at that very first scene. Natalie gracefully sweeping through the London with her blue hair while Damien Rice sings "I can't take my eyes off of you". This movie is a tough blow to a romantic soul. Thankfully, I'm a realist and a somewhat depressive so it played out in the most delightfully gritty, raw, and painful way.

  • Footloose


    I watched this on a plane. The story line was preachy and infuriating. It contained some of the most irritatingly self-involved characters. After 30 mins, I took the moral high ground and fell asleep.

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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Who doesn't love a movie that starts on Scarlett Johansson's bum?

  • The Notebook

    The Notebook


    I started this movie and 5 minutes in I wanted to punch something, probably my face. I loathe romantic movies. In fact, I can only stomach them if the lead love interest gets eaten by a zombie. It's this sort of tosh that brainwashes women into being utter saps for all the wrong reasons. There is nothing sexy about suffering for a generation just for one snog in the rain...