Blue ★★★★½

Silence is everywhere. In here, it is the main conflict that drives the story. Through silence, we get to see what the two high school girls-- one's an introvert who's crazy in love and one's an extrovert who's too directionless to fully commit something -- are thinking or feeling at the moment. Their relationship unfolds very slowly and meticulously. They talk, sure, but there are still unspoken words and feelings felt between them that it's almost defeaning. With silence, there's yearning and a desperate attempt to properly connect and communicate. However, it can also be their sanctuary.

I love how the camera savors the beauty and pain of each and every frame; it mostly went on with almost no dialogue or musical score, just pure ambient sounds and uncertainty in the air. This film perfectly captures that melancholic feeling you'll get when sitting alone at the beach during the blue hour while looking at the horizon and the sounds you hear are the ocean waves crashing against the shore. It's beautiful.

That ending? Breathtaking.

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