• Truck Turner

    Truck Turner

    Nichelle Nichols doesn't get the praise she deserves for her performance in this film. The scene where she presents her girls to Yaphet's crew is one of my favorite scenes ever... that's not hyperbole.

    And of course Isaac Hayes, Yaphet Kotto, Paul Harris... well, the entire cast is fantastic. Also, 1973 downtown LA imagery is fascinating. Might just be my favorite Blaxploitation film.

    Watched the 101 Films import Blu-ray

  • Carriage to Vienna

    Carriage to Vienna

    A nice discovery thanks to Second Run DVD. Gorgeous B&W cinematography in the fog-laden Czech forest. Injects Western tropes in to the WW2 genre which is very interesting.

    Banned by the Czech authorities for challenging conventional depictions of villainous Nazis and honorable Czechs, the film remained unseen for over twenty years.

    Watched the Second Run DVD Blu-ray release.

    - Coach to Vienna (Kočár do Vídně, 1966) presented from an HD transfer of the new 4K restoration by the Czech National…

  • The Bubble

    The Bubble

    Gunther (Harry Trevaldwyn) demonstrating flirty eyes had me rolling on the floor.

    And Ivy Wolk (Anti-Krystal YouTuber) is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Zero Fucks Given

    Zero Fucks Given

    Labor films tackle a wide range of issues related to workers — work conditions, discrimination, redundancy, globalization, etc. And ZFG is
    definitely a "labor" film focusing on Cassandra, played by the wonderful
    Adèle Exarchopoulos, as a flight attendant on a budget airline.

    Very accomplished and engaging hybrid filmmaking by Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre with Adèle surrounded by what seems to be mostly non-professionals.

    Will definitely on my fave of '22 list.

    Watched on Mubi.

  • The El Duce Tapes

    The El Duce Tapes

    Fascinating and sad doc that fully embraces the lo-fi VHS aesthetic.

    Great extras on this Arrow Video release.
    - Brand new audio commentary with The El Duce Tapes crew
    - The Ryan Sexton Tapes – 34-minute illustrated audio conversation between Ryan Sexton and producer Tim Kirk about the shooting of the original VHS footage
    - The Nilbog Tapes – Video of the band recording the original score for the film
    - More El Duce Tapes – A free-standing alternate assembly…

  • The Laughing Woman

    The Laughing Woman

    The Dagmar Lassander dance scene that involves nothing but a glass of J&B and some gauze is pure cinema. Pop art meets eroticism meets subversive dissertation on gender warfare and politics. So happy to finally see this cult classic.

    Watched the Mondo Macabre Blu-ray:

    - Interview with writer/director Piero Schivazappa
    - Audio commentary by film scholar Kat Ellinger
    - Video essay on the film’s production design from Rachael Nisbet
    - Animated foto-novel by Jacques Spohr
    - Trailers

  • Sweet Deceptions

    Sweet Deceptions

    Catherine Spaak's first film and it is quite a star-making vehicle with almost every shot focusing on her. Only 15 at the time of production, she carries the film with ease.

    Director Alberto Lattuada was following up his 1957 hit Guendalina with another coming-of-age film focused on a young women. I'm realizing that this is before Kubrick's Lolita and Varda's Cléo from 5 to 7, so it might be one of the first films to tackle this subject matter in…

  • Cain & Abel

    Cain & Abel

    Lino Brocka is widely regarded as one of the most influential and significant filmmakers in the history of Philippine cinema and I have only seen three of his films. Looking to deep dive soon.

    "Scoundrels give birth to scoundrels." What a line.

    The new Kani Releasing Blu-ray is a nice package:
    • Region Free Blu-ray

  • The Last House on the Beach

    The Last House on the Beach

    Rewatched because of the new Blu-ray release from FilmArt Germany. Restoration looks fantastic and extras are great... wish I knew German for the commentary.

    – Grindhouse version (HD)
    – Audio commentary by Dr. Marcus Stiglegger
    – ‘Flashframe’ assembly
    – German trailer
    – Italian trailer
    – Official artwork by Enzo Sciotti
    – picture gallery
    – 16-page booklet by Heiko Hartmann: “And if you are not willing, I need violence!” about the Rape and Revenge movie.

  • Django & Django: Sergio Corbucci Unchained

    Django & Django: Sergio Corbucci Unchained

    An absolute delight of this Corbucci and Tarantino fan... and the end credits reveal something very cool. No spoilers.

    Watched on Netflix.

  • Walk on the Wild Side

    Walk on the Wild Side

    Jane Fonda's 2nd film role is as accomplished as one of a seasoned pro. Everything about her performance is awe-inspiring. Gorgeous B&W cinematography by Joseph MacDonald. Also, the approach to the subject of sex work is quite progressive for 1962.

    Watched the Arrow Video Blu-ray
    - 4K restoration from Sony Pictures
    - Original lossless mono audio
    - Commentary by critics Kat Ellinger and Samm Deighan
    (which is GREAT1)
    - Interview with historian and critic Richard Dyer
    - Interview with Pat…

  • Dark Habits

    Dark Habits

    Almodóvar has been hitting home runs for 40 years. Audacious, mischievous and laugh-out-loud funny. Images that are wholly unique. Supposedly Almodóvar has distanced himself from this film for whatever reasons... if true, I hope he reconsiders. He should be quite proud.

    Watched the Region B Blu-ray. Extras include short featurette and interview with producer.