Knives Out

Knives Out ★★½

so i thought this was fun enough after i left the theater, better than most things i see with my family during the holidays, even if i was mentally checking my watch a few times and felt it starting to drag on. but the more i've thought about it, the more my opinion of it has gone down. it's unbearably cringy, with don johnson making a hamilton reference and chris evans calling a character an "sjw." there's an "alt-right troll" and a bad stab at Holiday Family Political Discussion and of course the teen daughter who juuls is that classic archetype hollywood loves so much of the marxist who is actually a big spoiled hypocrite. the very definition of "well-intentioned," but also probably something of a response to rian johnson's own experience with online trolls, and even more awkward for that reason. this thing is so fanciful in its production design but still feels a little too tethered to reality, and johnson's not an astute enough student of politics to make any kind of meaningful critique beyond gestures. i saw some jokes on twitter about the eventual american remake of PARASITE a la force majeure and toni erdmann, but this is basically that: parasite for people who adored jojo rabbit, if you will. this is also overlong in the same way that the john wick sequels are — genre movies truly afraid to be genre movies, so too weighty and prestige-y — and i'm sure they're gonna do some benoit blanc sequels with too much mythology that nobody gives a shit about. rian johnson movies always feel like the idea of a movie that i should like but don't actually like

if you want a movie with daniel craig doing a southern accent that's more fun and actually politically engaged, just watch logan lucky. also a better ana de armas movie about class is eli roth's KNOCK KNOCK

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