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  • Dog Star Man
  • As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty
  • The Forgotten Colours of Dreams
  • A Florida Melancholy

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  • Superbia or: The Fallen Son

  • Yin/Yang

  • Also Patrick

  • Plague

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  • Superbia or: The Fallen Son

    Superbia or: The Fallen Son

    Hey all, sorry for my absence, I had a busy schedule followed by a not so busy holiday, but now I'm back with more recommendations from Letterboxd filmmakers!

    Andreas van Riet is an upcoming director I'll happily describe as an auteur, which isn't something I say lightly regarding new filmmakers.

    His carefully thought out style is something that was already prominent in his shorts, but here it all comes together. I'm positive this will only expand in his future films.…

  • Yin/Yang


    What stands out here for me is the cinematography. Crew McBean and cinematographer Christopher Rose really thought out their composition well and what might be a simple horror plot becomes a lot more engaging thanks to that. I also loved the use of negatives, something I haven't seen much in black and white film, whilst it's a brilliant tool to use specifically for black and white.

    A solid narrative debut for Crew and with his later shorts that you should…

Popular reviews

  • Refractions


    We’re making another movie!!!

    Within our discord community we will set up another anthology project where talented Letterboxd filmmakers can share their creativity and be part of a great experience that will result in another anthology film!

    The discord link is in my profile, so if you know of any Letterboxd Filmmakers that maybe would like to get in, please share it with them!

  • Selfish Son

    Selfish Son

    These past 2 years the release schedule for films has been all over the place and it has been especially hard for independent filmmakers to release their films to a bigger audience. Aniello de Angelis is one of those talented independent filmmakers that had trouble getting his newest film out to the world, but it surely deserves to be seen.
    So wait no longer and watch Selfish Son now!