Looking Back & Looking Forward Five years of LICHTER Filmfest! // Fifth LICHTER Filmfest


Looking Back & Looking Forward Five years of LICHTER Filmfest! A good moment to pause, look back and look forward: I look back on five festival years full of continuity and innovation, which have provided a lively, sustainable and expandable platform for filmmakers in the Rhine-Main region. During these years, the LICHTER audience has always been able to enjoy a varied and high-caliber film and supporting program, which has grown with each year both in terms of quality and in the number of program points and visitors: video art, installations, workshops, parties and discussion events have become an integral part of the festival program. LICHTER has thus firmly established itself as a network partner for art and culture in Frankfurt and the region.

LICHTER as an expression of a culture of the in-between The LICHTER directs its attention to cinema as a pulsating form of expression of everything that is culture and critically questions it. The film festival thus serves as a bridge between entertainment, underground and high culture. A balancing act: between the red carpet of commercially successful cinema and progressive artistic aspirations, the LIGHTS cannot be pigeonholed into one or the other. This can be a real challenge when it comes to winning over supporters and fellow campaigners. But we are convinced that it is precisely in this tightrope walk that the LIGHTERs' opportunities for helping to shape the cultural scene in the Rhine-Main region lie. They meet the rapid cultural changes and technical developments with open eyes and are always on the pulse of time with their program. Cinema is made by many for many - like the LICHTER: a constantly growing team of volunteers gives EVERYTHING for the film festival. The future of the LICHTER begins with demolition, upheaval and departure: in 2012 we not only celebrate our fifth anniversary, but also say goodbye to the Turmpalast. Many of us associate the tradition-steeped building with a number of cinema highlights.

At this point, we would like to express our special thanks to the building's owners Gert Rieche and his daughter Annabell Wolff: their unbureaucratic support made it possible in the first place for the LICHTER to hold regular events in the First Floor Festival Center over the past three years, beyond the festival itself. The demolition of this building also symbolizes the special relationship between culture and capital in the region: although everyone (above all us film lovers!) is delighted when film stars like Matthias Schweighöfer and Oscars (Pixomondo Frankfurt) come to Frankfurt, film culture in the city and state is chronically underfunded. Although there are production companies here that can withstand the economic pressures of their profession, there is a lack of specialized service providers and suitable infrastructure to make them independent of costly offerings from other German states. Although there is a lively and productive newcomer scene, there is a lack of targeted support for young talent.

The LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International has set itself the goal of providing impulses for Frankfurt as a cultural and film location. As a festival, we see ourselves as advocates of the local film scene, to whose networking we contribute by expanding our program to include an international selection. We are pleased to be able to present our best program to date this year. And we are sure that you will see beautiful (kalos) images (eidos) in the kaleidoscope of the festival program (skopein), which will also invite you to pause, look back or look forward.

Here's to the next five years of LICHTER Filmfest in Frankfurt and in the here and now!

In this year's edition we are proud to present:

1. A Quiet Life: Regional Feature Film Competition
2. Festung: Regional Feature Film Competition
3. The Loneliest Planet: Regional Feature Film Competition
4. Bulb Fiction: Regional Feature Film Competition
5. Raising Resistance: Regional Feature Film Competition
6. The Kingdom of Survival: Regional Feature Film Competition
7. The Exchange: Regional Feature Film Competition
8. Labyrinth: Regional Feature Film Competition
9. The Monitor: Regional Feature Film Competition
10. Die Finanzen des Großherzogs Radikant Film: Mid-length films
11. Fix Me: International Feature Film Programme
12. Back to the Square: International Feature Film Programme
13. Karama Has No Walls: International Feature Film Programme
14. The Ditch: International Feature Film Programme
15. Rouge Parole: International Feature Film Programme
16. Ruggles of Red Gap: International Feature Film Programme
17. Industria Argentina: International Feature Film Programme
18. Life Without Principle: International Feature Film Programme
19. Regular Lovers: International Feature Film Programme
20. This Is Not a Film: International Feature Film Programme
21. On the Edge: International Feature Film Programme
22. Ulidi piccola mia: International Feature Film Programme
23. Boney M. aus Lämmerspiel
24. Doll, The Fatso And Me
25. A Family of Three
26. Hugo
27. Sleeping Sickness
28. The House under the Water
29. Ever Is Over All: International Short Film Programme
30. Imagining October: International Short Film Programme
31. Territories: International Short Film Programme
32. We Ate the Children Last: International Short Film Programme
33. A Resident of the City: International Short Film Programme
34. Woman Waiting: International Short Film Programme
35. East Hastings Pharmacy: International Short Film Programme