Film & Nature // Twelfth edition of LICHTER Filmfest

Natural disasters are merciless events with maximum attention potential. The more deadly the disaster, the greater the wave of solidarity that follows it. The decisive factor is the moment that makes tragedies palpable. Global warming, however, shows us the limits of controllability. This is because temperature changes occur slowly and are not usually recognizable as a catastrophe to our human perceptual system. A single cold winter in this country would probably be enough to cast doubt on the research findings of climate science for years to come. We do not lack knowledge, we lack above all the feeling of being affected. We therefore urgently need to take responsibility for our emotions and learn to bring our minds to reason. 

This applies on a large scale as well as on a small one. Our film policy work in recent years has brought to light similar patterns of behavior. The longing for change runs through the entire German film industry. Nobody likes declining audience numbers at the box office. That's why last year, together with 100 filmmakers from all over Europe, we launched the "Frankfurt Positions on the Future of German Film," which could revolutionize filmmaking in Germany in defiance of the flagging German zeal for reform. The paper met with great approval and was discussed right up to the top echelons of federal politics. The only problem is that insurmountable hierarchies, encrusted structures and entrenched thought patterns are causing many in the industry to despair. The art of film is threatened with extinction, to put it polemically. So if we don't react soon to the digital transformation, which incidentally also offers film as an art form unimagined opportunities, the creeping downward trend in cinemas will not be stopped. 

Despite the many critical words, we are very proud to have put together the best program in the history of this festival. We owe this to the many filmmakers, without whose great films we would not exist. We would also like to thank our sponsors and supporters as well as our team, whom we love and appreciate very much.

In this year's edition we are proud to present:

1. Border: Opening Film
2. A Land Imagined: International Feature Film Programme
3. Free Solo: International Feature Film Programme
4. The Bees and the Birds: International Feature Film Programme
5. Aquarela: International Feature Film Programme
6. Faust: International Feature Film Programme
7. Earth: International Feature Film Programme
8. High Life: International Feature Film Programme
9. Our Time: International Feature Film Programme
10. Buy Me a Gun: International Feature Film Programme
11. Memories of My Body: International Feature Film Programme
12. Anote’s Ark: International Feature Film Programme
13. Eternity: International Feature Film Programme
14. Too Late to Die Young: International Feature Film Programme
15. Kapitalistis: International Short Film Programme
16. Hello, Rain: International Short Film Programme
17. Malo tempo: International Short Film Programme
18. Cadavre Exquis: International Short Film Programme
19. Prisoner of Society: International Short Film Programme
20. Between Relating and Use: International Short Film Programme
21. Egg: International Short Film Programme
22. Catching Fire: International Short Film Programme
23. Animal Behaviour: International Short Film Programme
24. Wishing Well: International Short Film Competition
25. Oray: Future German Cinema Programme
26. Aren’t You Happy?: Future German Cinema Programme
27. Music and Apocalypse: Future German Cinema Programme
28. A Clear Felling: Future German Cinema Programme
29. Germany. A Winter’s Tale: Future German Cinema Programme
30. Thirty: Future German Cinema Programme
31. Yves’ Promise: Regional Feature Film Competition
32. Why Are We Creative?: The Centipede’s Dilemma: Regional Feature Film Competition
33. Barstow, California: Regional Feature Film Competition
34. Lysis: Regional Feature Film Competition
35. Crystal Swan: Regional Feature Film Competition
36. Atlas: Regional Feature Film Competition
37. Spy Cat: Regional Feature Film Competition
38. Die Kandidaten: Regional Feature Film Competition
39. Fly Rocket Fly: Regional Feature Film Competition
40. Facing the Dragon: Regional Feature Film Competition
41. In My Room: Regional Feature Film Competition
42. Erased: Regional Feature Film Competition
43. Theatre of War: Regional Feature Film Competition
44. One another: Regional Short Film Competition
45. Death of a Fruit Fly: Regional Short Film Competition
46. Fest: Regional Short Film Competition
47. Facelift: Regional Short Film Competition
48. We will survive: Regional Short Film Competition
49. Rules of Play: Regional Short Film Competition
50. Captain Fantastic
51. Wild Beasts
52. Glimpse of the Garden: Experimental Short Film Programme
53. Beloved: Experimental Short Film Programme
54. Nature’s Fairest: Experimental Short Film Programme
55. Back to Nature: Experimental Short Film Programme
56. Garden Pieces: Experimental Short Film Programme
57. A Car Ride in the Pyrenées: Experimental Short Film Programme
58. Wild Night in El Reno: Experimental Short Film Programme
59. C’mon Babe: Experimental Short Film Programme
60. Wenn der Eisberg kalbt: Experimental Short Film Programme
61. Memory Games
62. Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans