Covid and the number 13 // Thirteenth edition of LICHTER Filmfest

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For many people, the number 13 is associated with bad luck. However, a small minority associates it with exactly the opposite: happiness. The antipode of luck is bad luck, of truth the lie, of chaos the order and of nature? Well, let's call it destruction. The festival focal points of the past years. The dialectic exploration of these spheres is one of the very principles of the LICHTER Film Festival.

Power - our festival theme this year - is not sufficiently considered without powerlessness. The omnipresent power-grabbing of vicious contemporaries like Trump, Bolsonaro, Orbán, Höcke and all those who have made them what they are today - has literally forced the theme upon us. But not only. Evil is merely one side of our deliberations. On the one hand, for the first time since World War II, a worrisome threat looms from the right; on the other, a protest movement has succeeded in bringing the biggest problems of our time - climate change and pollution - into the political mainstream worldwide. The younger generation has brought protest back to the streets as a means of political influence and made it a success unprecedented in recent human history.

Our thesis is that the classic power structures are increasingly faltering. In this respect, now seems to us to be the right moment to address the phenomenon. The old political superpowers have lost their position, states are steadily losing power to global digital corporations like Facebook, Google and Amazon, and (false) information can hardly be controlled anymore. Digitalization in particular has led to an unprecedented shift in power in recent years. A revolution like the printing press - only faster and with more possibilities than ever before.

In this year's edition we are proud to present:

1. Bacurau: International Feature Film Programme
2. The Chambermaid: International Feature Film Programme
3. Corpus Christi: International Feature Film Programme
4. Beanpole: International Feature Film Programme
5. Knuckle City: International Feature Film Programme
6. Midnight Family: International Feature Film Programme
7. One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk: International Feature Film Programme
8. Dark Suns: International Feature Film Programme
9. The Twentieth Century: International Feature Film Programme
10. Deerskin: International Feature Film Programme
11. The Sun Came Dripping a Bucket Full of Gold: International Short Film Programme
12. Flowers and Bottoms: International Short Film Programme
13. 37°4 S: International Short Film Programme
14. Univitellin: International Short Film Programme
15. A Resident of the City: International Short Film Programme
16. The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375: International Short Film Programme
17. Genius Loci: International Short Film Programme
18. Where is my Body?: International Short Film Programme
19. The Tesla World Light: International Short Film Programme
20. Orphea: Future German Cinema Programme
21. The Second Attack: Future German Cinema Programme
22. Naked Animals: Future German Cinema Programme
23. Kabul, City in the Wind: Regional Feature Film Competition
24. 30 Jahre, aber den Sinn des Lebens habe ich immer noch nicht rausgefunden: Regional Feature Film Competition
25. Liebe Viele: Regional Feature Film Competition
26. Born in Evin: Regional Feature Film Competition
27. Live: Regional Feature Film Competition
28. A Cloud on Fire: Regional Short Film Competition
29. Wie erkenne ich einen Mann/ eine Frau auf den ersten Blick? Rikes Tutorial: Regional Short Film Competition
30. Wings: VR Storytelling Competition
31. Children Do Not Play War: VR Storytelling Competition