Change! Yearned for by some, feared by others // Fourteenth edition of Lichter Filmfest

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Equality in the change of time. Traffic in the change of the time. Living in the change of the time. Work in the change of the time. And - it almost sounds mocking - the changing climate. Five macro trends and five examples that somehow make us feel that the transformation of our world is unstoppable. There are enormous opportunities in change, as digitalization shows, and dangers, if we consider the climatic changes of recent years. Whichever way the pendulum swings, the result is the same: both currently determine our thoughts and actions. 

One characteristic of our time is the exponential increase of things, everything goes and becomes faster and faster. The speed of computing and the amount of storable data, for example. The world of work is accelerating unchecked and the increase in knowledge in recent years has been considerable. Or just think of the growing dependence of people on machines, in the course of which people enjoy an incredible number of advantages, but at the same time are mercilessly at the mercy of the machines. 

The equation behind all these thoughts is simple: processes of change can be accomplished faster today than they were 50 years ago. Theoretically. Because: Fear and lack of will increasingly lead to a danger for mankind and nature. It is the responsibility of all of us. 

Too much doom and gloom? Actually, we are aiming at something else. We should be looking forward! To the mobility of the future, to sustainable construction, consumption and agriculture. To a different world than that of the last 150 years. Change knows no end; it is an ongoing process in which we must participate. And we should accept the challenge to help shape the world! With joy, inventiveness and drive. And what is the core of anticipation? Impatience! We can hardly wait until the time has finally come. 
A special characteristic of the LICHTER Filmfest has always been its enormous versatility and flexibility. Supported by a team and by common ideas about the goals. We cannot thank you, dear LICHTER, enough for this! Our sincere thanks also go to the supporters and sponsors who have carried us through the pandemic with their understanding and kindness. 

We hope you enjoy this year's LICHTER program, with its jolting viewing pleasure, films about the changing times and educational content in every conceivable sense. See you in the summer outdoors and next year for real. Film on!

In this year's edition we are proud to present:

1. Gagarine: Opening Film
2. Quo Vadis, Aida?: International Feature Film Programme
3. The Metamorphosis of Birds: International Feature Film Programme
4. Identifying Features: International Feature Film Programme
5. Moon, 66 Questions: International Feature Film Programme
6. Mogul Mowgli: International Feature Film Programme
7. Eyimofe (This Is My Desire): International Feature Film Programme
8. The Wasteland: International Feature Film Programme
9. There Is No Evil: International Feature Film Programme
10. Acasă, My Home: International Feature Film Programme
11. Madly in Life: International Feature Film Programme
12. Souterrain: International Feature Film Programme
13. The Truffle Hunters: International Feature Film Programme
14. The Man Who Sold His Skin: International Feature Film Programme
15. Flashwood: International Feature Film Programme
16. Never Gonna Snow Again: International Feature Film Programme
17. Valentina: International Feature Film Programme
18. Gull: International Feature Film Programme
19. The Year of the Discovery: International Feature Film Programme
20. Schoolgirls: International Feature Film Programme
21. Human Factors: Future German Cinema Programme
22. Walchensee Forever: Future German Cinema Programme
23. The Trouble with Being Born: Future German Cinema Programme
24. Proxima: Future German Cinema Programme
25. The New Gospel: Future German Cinema Programme
26. I’m Your Man
27. King of Ravens: Regional Feature Film Competition
28. Losing Vietnam: Regional Feature Film Competition
29. Stambul Garden: Regional Feature Film Competition
30. A Handful of Water: Regional Feature Film Competition
31. Borga: Regional Feature Film Competition
32. Mr. Bachmann and His Class: Regional Feature Film Competition
33. Who We Were: Regional Feature Film Competition
34. Coup: Regional Feature Film Competition
35. Cloudy Clouds: Regional Feature Film Competition
36. Youth Unstoppable: Regional Feature Film Competition
37. Being Sascha: International Short Film Programme
38. God’s Daughter Dances: International Short Film Programme
39. The Eagles of Carthage: Regional Feature Film Competition
40. Blaké: International Short Film Programme
41. Zombies: International Short Film Programme
42. Being My Mom: International Short Film Programme
43. Goin South: International Short Film Programme
44. Something to Remember
45. I Am Afraid to Forget Your Face: International Short Film Programme
46. Milk: Regional Short Film Competition
47. INNdependence: Regional Short Film Competition
48. MOWB: VR Storytelling Competition