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10 Years of Open Air Cinema Frankfurt

From June 29 to August 27, Freiluftkino Frankfurt enters its tenth season. As in the past three years, the inner courtyard of the old police headquarters could be won for the Frankfurt summer event - one of the most exciting off-locations of the city! Current cinema highlights are shown there week after week from Thursday to Sunday. 

Film Criticism Workshop 2023

Films, panels and a lot of reviews. The 16th edition of the LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International started on the 18th of April 2023. But even before the first film was exhibited, students had already gotten together for the Workshop der Filmkritik, where each one would practice writing and learn more about film critics. 

LOVE IS THE ANSWER? // 16th Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International

The excitement is great! After all, the 16th edition of the LICHTER Filmfest is a very special one for us. "Back to the roots" could be the broad outline of our slogan this year. What does that mean? With the former Massif Central, which has found a new home west of the Römer, this year we are once again climbing a mountain that reminds us of old times.


Today we would like to introduce you to a long-awaited project and take you on a cinematic journey of superlatives: HIGH RISE CINEMA!

We need to get out into the fresh air - 9th Open Air Cinema Frankfurt

From June 30 to August 21, the Frankfurt open-air cinema had its ninth season. As in the two previous years, the courtyard of the Old Police Headquarters has been won over for the popular Frankfurt summer event - one of the most exciting off-locations in the city! Week after week, current cinema highlights were shown there on the evenings from Thursday to Sunday.

Change! Yearned for by some, feared by others // Fourteenth edition of Lichter Filmfest

Equality in the change of time. Traffic in the change of the time. Living in the change of the time. Work in the change of the time. And - it almost sounds mocking - the changing climate. Five macro trends and five examples that somehow make us feel that the transformation of our world is unstoppable. There are enormous opportunities in change, as digitalization shows, and dangers, if we consider the climatic changes of recent years. Whichever way the pendulum swings,…

7 Years of Open Air Cinema! <3

For already 7 years we have organized the open air cinema in Frankfurt and 2 years ago in Rüsselsheim. These years we have enjoyed with you every summer night with the best movies of the year. 

Covid and the number 13 // Thirteenth edition of LICHTER Filmfest

For many people, the number 13 is associated with bad luck. However, a small minority associates it with exactly the opposite: happiness. The antipode of luck is bad luck, of truth the lie, of chaos the order and of nature? Well, let's call it destruction. The festival focal points of the past years. The dialectic exploration of these spheres is one of the very principles of the LICHTER Film Festival.

Film & Nature // Twelfth edition of LICHTER Filmfest

Natural disasters are merciless events with maximum attention potential. The more deadly the disaster, the greater the wave of solidarity that follows it. The decisive factor is the moment that makes tragedies palpable. Global warming, however, shows us the limits of controllability. This is because temperature changes occur slowly and are not usually recognizable as a catastrophe to our human perceptual system. A single cold winter in this country would probably be enough to cast doubt on the research findings…

WHAT NOW, DEAR FRIENDS? // Eleventh edition of LICHTER Filmfest

WE HAVE PUT TEN YEARS OF LICHTER BEHIND US, NOW NUMBER ELEVEN IS COMING. Over all these years, we set ourselves new goals, found new locations, moved into them temporarily, and grew from a regional festival to the lively film scene in the Rhine-Main region to an international film festival with over 10,000 visitors.

Anyone who survives the proverbial seventh year unscathed can justifiably hope for a good future // Eighth edition of LICHTER Filfmest

For the past seven years, we have accompanied filmmaking in Frankfurt, Rhine-Main and Hesse with an important part of our program. Our message has always been clear: there is a lot of potential for good cinema in this region - there are filmmakers, critics, film institutions and enthusiasts, and all kinds of interesting things to talk about. In short, all the ingredients are there for what marketing German likes to call a "location".

LICHTER does not live on numbers // Seventh edition of LICHTER Filfmest

LICHTER does not live on numbers, but on the spirit that a community of cinema enthusiasts musters year after year to put film culture at the center of the region's cultural life for just under a week. Last year, however, this spirit also manifested itself in numbers. With almost 10,000 visitors and 16 sold-out screenings, LICHTER can claim to have arrived not only as a regional but also as an international film festival.

Looking Back & Looking Forward Five years of LICHTER Filmfest! // Fifth LICHTER Filmfest

Looking Back & Looking Forward Five years of LICHTER Filmfest! A good moment to pause, look back and look forward: I look back on five festival years full of continuity and innovation, which have provided a lively, sustainable and expandable platform for filmmakers in the Rhine-Main region. During these years, the LICHTER audience has always been able to enjoy a varied and high-caliber film and supporting program, which has grown with each year both in terms of quality and in the…

Slowly we are really turning up the heat // Fourth LICHTER Filmfest

LIGHTER, round four. Slowly we are really turning up the heat. Because the LICHTERs are present all year round, both in the region and abroad. With our cooperation partners, for example the Maincafé, the Frankfurter Kunstverein, the eDIT Filmmaker's Festival, the Capitol Kino in Mainz or the E-Kinos in Frankfurt, we present the most exciting films from the Rhine-Main region in a wide variety of locations. With our friends in Lyon, Birmingham and Bologna, we have recently also succeeded in…

Third LICHTER Filmfest // This year’s programme :: 2010 ::

We have never complained about too much money. On the contrary, the LICHTERs agree with the widespread complaints about the inadequacy of public cultural funding, especially for independent projects (and rightly so). The fact that the financial balance sheet for 2009 was subsequently dragged into the red by bureaucratic hurdles has once again raised some doubts in the team about the principles of cultural funding. On the other hand, the expansion of our festival center last year showed us that…

LICHTER goes for its second round // This year’s programme :: 2009 ::

For several months, the continued existence of the LICHTER Film Festival was uncertain - now we rub our eyes in amazement and realize: we have become a real film festival. In the Turmpalast, one of Frankfurt's most traditional cinemas, we play in two halls, one of them with an impressive 270 seats, with modern digital technology and the good old 35mm film.