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This review may contain spoilers.

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It feels like I’ve waited years to see this film. I was actually sent free tickets to an 11-day early screening last weekend but was in isolation and couldn’t go which was (first world problems) torturous. Anyway, we got to a (still early) screening a week later so all’s well that ends well.

I can’t even begin to provide new insight or even form coherent thoughts so I thought I’d just list things I loved about it.

1. When the screen was cracking and the subtitles cracked too
2. When it changed to animation for little sequences
3. The first kung fu scene where Michelle Yeoh looked confused at how good she was at it

4. Every Ratatouille reference 

5. When the first part ends but it’s like the whole movie was ending
6. When Michelle Yeoh finds out she’s literally the worst possible version of herself because same

7. Everything Michelle Yeoh did 
8. Everything Stephanie Hsu did

9. The queer rep even though it would’ve made bank in China/hopefully still will without taking it out

10. The costume design
11. The SCORE
12. The sound design in general
13. The production/set design
14. The VFX (all done by only SEVEN people!!)

It fried my brain, truly and wholly overwhelming. 

Out in Aussie cinemas April 14th.

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