Blade Runner ★★★★

Films Watched in 2020 - Film 387

I got to watch this in a cinema as part of a double bill with The Matrix and I definitely enjoyed it a lot more this time.

I’ll start out with what is essentially my only criticism, Blade Runner doesn’t really have a plot. I know a lot of people may not think that’s a bad thing as some films don’t need a plot. But for me, I really struggled to stay interested at some points because of it.

The sound aspect of this film more than makes up for it though. This score is phenomenal and is arguably one of the best in film ever. I’ve seen a lot of movies, but can count the times one has given me chills on one hand, and this managed to be one of those films. There is such an incredible amount and depth of emotion conveyed in such an interesting way through the score and for me, it’s the most unforgettable aspects of Blade Runner.

I had forgotten how graphic and violent this film was at points. There were loud audience reactions during multiple scenes. Blade Runner all in all is definitely a movie that relies more on visuals and sound elements than plot, but you can’t really complain when they’re that good.

Finally, the performances are downright bone-chilling, and I say that in the best way possible. These characters are presented in such interesting and unique ways and I can’t exactly explain why. They managed to stay in my mind for days and weeks afterwards.

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