Halloween ★★★★

Even as a life-long Carpenter obsessive, I can't quite call Halloween a perfect film or even one of my top favourites from his canon; some acting is very ropey and an infinite number of imitations have diminished some of its power. Still, as an examination of the unstoppable remorselessness of evil that is seemingly bound to humanity, it manages to rise above the simplicity of its fear-inducing stalk and slash confines. What really make Halloween stand out more than anything, though, is Carpenter's direction: making full use of widescreen and then-state-of-the-art Steadicam technology, the film offers an excess of scope despite being primarily limited to one night on one street. In terms of creating suspense, the film is also a masterclass in pragmatic editing - less is more. Though flawed and not a particular favourite Carpenter film of mine, it's impossible to deny its craft and the seemingly unlimited influence it has.

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