Arachnophobia ★★★★

Being a slightly weird kid growing up, I had - and to some extent still do have - an obsession with bugs while everyone else was terrified of them, particularly spiders and tarantulas. Therefore, it is very safe to say that Arachnophobia is among the films that I have watched the most in my lifetime. I have no idea how many times exactly, but a fairly accurate guess would be between fifty and one-hundred times! I don't watch it as much now, but this film is still dear to me; it's the first I saw that joined younger me's two biggest passions: bugs and film.

Watching it last night, Arachnophobia has not lost any of its charm or finesse, and though it has obviously never scared me, it is wisely intended as a horror comedy - or "thrill-omedy" - as a safety net for audience members who don't have the fear of god put into them by spiders. The film's usage of the creatures to explore conservationism and humans' disruption of nature (and, perhaps, nature's retaliation) is interesting though a little underdeveloped. Still, when it comes to eco-horrors, this is up there with the best and most fun.

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