It ★★★

not worth the wait. saw this in the theater with my grandparents when we lived in ny when it came out in 2017, but i fell asleep and just never got back to it. i think i was 11. fall 2018, a year later, i read the book, and holy fuck this movie is such a disappointment compared to the book. my fucking grandma always tells me to read the book first before you watch the movie, which i never listen to. but it’s instances like this where i think being 69 years old and a retired high school teacher pays off, because they skip a good 700-800 pages of the book

but, no orgy scene, character arcs absolutely botched, pennywise is less menacing in this and is more “oh fuck we gotta add another scene with pennywise so people don’t get bored.”

this is good, but if you look at this stories origins it’s ass