Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

Bloody, campy, and a whole lot of fun! Tells its own story very well while serving as a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. Features a creepy colonial setting, nasty gore, and disturbing imagery. Essentially is two movies in one; this makes the pacing a little wonky, but it’s done with good reason and in a clever manner. Develops the trilogy’s overarching narrative in interesting and logical ways, especially in relation to Deena and Hannah’s relationship.  Their bond provides a unique and strong emotional core that spans centuries across the three movies, and it is really concluded beautifully here. 

This also did a great job at expanding on and resolving the themes that are introduced in 1994 and 1978. Deals with oppression, intolerance, and systemic subjugation in ways that are relevant to the story, but also very timely. Tying all these loose ends up could’ve gotten very messy, but the film handles it well and makes all three installments seem cohesive. 1666 was definitely my favorite of the bunch, as it did a great job at concluding the overall story while being a really strong flick on its own. The horror is tense, comedic relief isn’t forced, and the emotional elements are great. 

Ultimately, this was a really fun trilogy. It wears its horror homages on its sleeve, but it tells its own story well while still being an effective entry into the genre. The Fear Street flicks make for a great summertime horror marathon; they’re creepy, heartfelt, and fun. Will definitely revisit them in the future!

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