“are you a transvestite or a homosexual?” “sometimes”

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  • Luna Roja

    Luna Roja

    Saw the 2019, Lois Patiño one, but it is not here and Im too lazy to add it. And shit was so slow this was my first time falling asleep at the cinema. This was very tarkovskian… too tarkovskian it became boring and I didn’t even know what was happening. Alas, at least it looked pretty

  • Blood for Dracula

    Blood for Dracula

    Right now he's a disgusting person with money. After the revolution, he'll be a disgusting person with no money.

    Don’t know why or how I got the urge to rewatch this (maybe because I have a school project regarding vampires…), but listening to Udo Kier say “whores” in that fucking accent really doesn’t hurt anyone…

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