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  • Soul



    "This is water. What I want is the ocean."

    Probably the most mature Pixar movie to date, with themes as complex and heavy as Up or Inside Out. This is the best looking 3D animated film I've ever seen, with both the fantastical and realistic settings looking amazing.

    Definitely see this appealing to older viewers, jazz fans, and people who have experienced wondering about their purpose, their spark. This is also some of the best African-American representation I've seen on…

  • Holly Slept Over

    Holly Slept Over


    "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

    I know nothing about writer/director Joshua Friedlander, but I'm going to make some assumptions, just for fun.

    I'm going to assume he's a married, heterosexual male.

    I'm going to assume he was watching Game of Thrones one night, and saw Nathalie Emmanuel (who is objectively gorgeous, the rest of my assumptions all rest on that fact).

    I'm assuming this gave him normal, heterosexual male thoughts.

    I'm assuming…

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  • Ray



    A pretty by-the-numbers retelling of an extraordinary story. Jamie Fox was quite good though, and was born to play this role. It's a shame the film itself is made with all the flair of a generic TV movie. Gives me a little more appreciation for all the flourishes and movie magic Baz Luhrmann stuffed into Elvis.

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    I remember being wow by the cinematography and general visuals of Ad Astra the first time around, and thankfully both those wonderful colors and the muted expanses of space are just as beautiful on the small screen. I may be leaving something obvious out, but no other science fiction movie besides Blade Runner feels this pleasurable to just take in visually.

    Ad Astra looks so much better than lots of “spectacle” movies with budgets twice or three times as big, and it never once resorts to just throwing a bunch of obvious CGI on screen. It’s glorious.

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  • Love Actually

    Love Actually


    Personal growth moment for me = realizing that Martine McCutcheon is the most perfect girl in this entire movie.

    I must be turning into a softie in my 30's because (almost) every one of these stories hit me in the feels this time around. I mean, Andrew Lincoln's character is an obvious garbage person and friend, and I still don't know what Kris Marshall's storyline is trying to say or care (hey, at least we get Elisha Cuthbert and January…

  • Oppenheimer


    I'm not going to assign a score because I was hitting the margaritas pretty hard while watching this, but I can say I left the theater with a very positive impression. This is probably the fastest-paced 3-hour movie that I've ever seen. It's absolutely kinetic, and each scene feels essential. There's no bloat, which is fantastic to say about a movie that's this long.

    This is an inherently interesting story, but that doesn't automatically make an entertaining movie. It could…